Under The Umbrian Sun? Why A Rental In Umbria Is The Next Great Travel Destination

Captured in the colorful and vibrant frescos of Renaissance painters, the region of Umbria – Italy’s smallest – is tucked away just north of Lazio, which houses Italy’s capital, Rome. With stunning views of the Apennine mountains to the east, and the Tiber valley basin to the south, Umbria is rich in natural beauty, from the lush and verdant vineyards, which produce Umbria’s famous wines, among them the fragrant Sangratino, to the snow-capped mountain views. But why approach such natural beauty from the often sterile perspective of a hotel? Increasingly, travelers are choosing to find a rental in Umbria rather than a hotel – spending time in historical palazzos and villas that capture the enchanting essence of the province. One such rental is Palazzo Mandosi, a stunning villa located in Amelia – the oldest continuously inhabited town in the Italian peninsula. For as little as $700 a week, travelers can stay in a four-bedroom palazzo with swimming pool, lush gardens, full modern amenities, and breathtaking vistas of the countryside below.

Amelia is one of the Umbrian towns most worth a visit, for the cultural and nature-loving traveler alike. History buffs are likely to be enthralled by the Amelia Museum, which reflects the long – indeed, record-breaking – history of the town, with such exhibits as a bronze statue of the famous Roman general Germanicus, as well as by the theatre, constructed in the late Renaissance by the same architect who created Venice’s stored “La Fenice.” Or walk outside the town to see the Annunziata monastery. If nature is your thing, consider taking walks around the stunning countryside and winding mountain paths- or sampling some of the region’s culinary specialties, such as black truffles.

Palazzo Mandosi not only offers easy access to all of these opportunities, but also provides a luxurious stay with the amenities of a hotel but the creative individuality of an authentic Umbrian palazzo. From Murano chandeliers located in the living room and dining room, to working fireplaces and even a well in the courtyard, Palazzo Mandosi is rich in historical detail. But it does not lack modern amenities – check out the wireless internet, Sony LCD cable TV, and three stereo systems for when a day lounging around the house sounds more your fancy than a hike.
To find out more about the property, visit http://www.palazzomandosi.com

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