How To Make Gulet Cruises A Lifetime Of Memories

It is universally agreed that gulet cruises in Turkey are arguably the best holidays on sea a traveler can ever dream of experiencing. What needs to be emphasized is that not every cruise company can facilitate a memorable cruise in Turkey. There are a few ways to ensure that your gulet cruise creates a great memorable experience that you will treasure for a lifetime. Importantly therefore, hiring the right company to facilitate your cruise is an important determiner of how the cruise ends up.

The best gulet cruises for instance are facilitated by companies with great cruise experience, a huge fleet of luxurious gulet ships and highly skilled crew for each gulet. Such companies have networks and regional offices in the hottest gulet cruise destinations in Europe such as Croatia, Turkey, Maldives and Greece. They have a track record of great customer service and a reputed market presence. Secondly, the best gulet cruises accrue when you interact with the crew freely and learn from them some great ocean-going basics like sailing a ship for example. You should enjoy sipping champagne with your friends as much as helping the captain steer the ship to his desired bearing. Ensure that you learn to cook one of the amazing Turkish delicacies your cook prepares.

Again, the greatest gulet cruises are not just idle floating sessions on the open waters but active engagements inspired by the Christopher Columbus spirit of sea fairing. The most memorable moments of gulet cruises are always the moments you spend exploring remote islands, snorkeling, fishing, diving and windsurfing. The best memories are when you find hidden and isolated private islands, when you visit a different marina or town every morning, or when you shop in the old downtowns of Turkey, Croatia etc.

Gulet cruises do not create memories by themselves. You have to actively create the memories yourself by embracing the opportunity to relax, enjoy yourself, burn the fats and embrace nature at her most pristine. Enjoy the sophisticated dining, try a traditional Turkish cuisine, catch a fish for your dinner, learn how to dive, try out snorkeling or canoeing, try some Turkish barbeque while still aboard, explore some ship wrecks, try a picnic in the middle of the open sea etc.

These are the activities that will make your gulet cruises a bagful of treasured memories. While you might forget the images of what you saw in Turkey you will definitely not forget what you did during the gulet cruises there.

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