Advices For Your Winter Camping Gear

Your Survival Depends on it.

The quality of your winter camping gear is very important and in some case critical. You need to be absolutely sure that it will withstand the temperature variations as well as the extreme conditions you may encounter during your camping excursions. The fact is, nobody goes on a camping trip expecting to be caught by extreme weather conditions or fall down an icy embankment and break an arm or a leg, but these things happens, so you need to be prepared for any potential situation if you want to survive.

On top of that if you would have to carry every piece of winter camping gear you might possibly need for every possible situation, you would need a truck, not a backpack. What you need to focus on is bringing the least amount of winter camping gear you need to survive any emergency situation. You won’t bring with you crutches or boards in case you break a leg, instead think about carrying heavy-duty tape that you could use combined with sticks that you can pick up on the ground. This simple trick will do the same as crutches without the excess of baggage.

Another item you might consider bringing along is a small hatchet or o folding saw. Since you won’t be carrying firewood with you, it is a good idea to have the tools that can allow you to cut some easily. Sure you won’t need to have a fire in every situation, but after a couple of days in the cold, having the equipment to prepare hot meals and keep you warm is highly recommended.

You Need To Be Prepared For Your Everyday Needs.

Below are some small tips to help you pack the required winter camping gear. We don’t usually fell thirsty during the winter but your winter camping gear must absolutely include an item to purify water. Some campers use iodine drops or tablet to that effect, you also need to filter the water. Then comes the eating part, most campers bring some dehydrated pouches which are very tasty, but they get old after a couple of days. Always try to have a couple of simple recipes for cooking over an open fire with food items to cook is always something you should consider having in your winter camping gear.

If you are going for a long camping trip you should always plan on a mean to relieve yourself. Also your winter camping gear should also contain hygiene items to make sure you remain healthy during your excursion. Inexperienced campers are often not aware of that, but maintaining your cleanliness is just as important as when you are at home. To that effect you should also plan on having some waterless sanitizing solution so you can wash your hands for time to time. Always make sure you remain healthy and comfortable during your camping trip.

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