Oregon Coast Camping

Camping on the picturesque Oregon coast can be an exciting or a relaxing vacation for the entire family. Oregon campgrounds offer a wide range of activities, locations, types of campgrounds available, and price ranges. Finding the perfect vacation to meet the needs of your family can be as simple as doing a little research on the Internet. Once you decide what kind of Oregon coast camping vacation you are looking for, finding an Oregon coast camping site is a piece of cake. More and more types of Oregon coast campsites are placing their camping information on the Internet for vacationers to choose from. Search this online information for many variables, from location of the Oregon camping site, to amenities offered, to family-friendly environments.


You’ve decided to spend your vacation on the Oregon Coast camping, but where do you start when it comes time to pick the perfect combination of camping needs for your trip? Take a look at your vacation itinerary. Where do plan to spend your time while you are camping in Oregon? Are you planning on four-wheeling along the Dunes National Park? Are you going on a lighthouse tour of the Oregon Coast? Are you attending any activities while you are there, such as festivals, fairs, or concerts? Do you plan to spend your time relaxing on one of the highly acclaimed Oregon Coast golf courses or resorts? Decide what you plan to do, and where you want to spend your time. Then you’re ready to start looking at Oregon Coast campsites. After you’ve decided where you are going to spend the bulk of your time, decide how you want to spend that time. Are you looking for an outdoor vacation near the beach, or something more in the middle of a lush green forest? Do you want to stay in a rustic and basic environment, or are you one of those campers who can’t leave home without the remote control and the hair dryer? Oregon campgrounds can accommodate the needs of almost any type of camper. If you are looking for a back-to-basics type adventure, look at the Oregon campgrounds that offer limit amounts of amenities or traditional-style camping. If you have to travel with a DVD player, perhaps one of the many RV parks along the Oregon coast would better suit your needs. After you decide the type of camping experience you are looking for, consider the costs of each option. How much are you willing to spend for your Oregon camping trip? Quotes for many different types of camping experiences can easily be found online. Be sure to check the availability of your desired campground. Some Oregon campsites are only offered during specific times of the year, or have limited availability and reservation space during certain peak times. If possible, make reservations before you go. This can save you time and potential headaches and help you achieve the perfect vacation.


When camping in Oregon, keep in mind that you have other camping options besides privately run Oregon campsites. Oregon State campgrounds are available every year for a limited amount of vacationers. Most of the time you can make reservations and check the campground availability online from any of the Oregon State Park websites. Camping in Oregon State campgrounds is often less expensive than patronizing any of the privately run campgrounds in Oregon. Oregon State Campgrounds are taken care of by the state of Oregon and are usually kept in immaculate condition. Campsites are clearly marked, easy to find, and well-taken care of. Oregon State has large portions of its land dedicated exclusively as State or National Park grounds. Over three hundred miles of coastland are included in the State and Nationally protected areas. For a more complete listing of the Oregon State Campgrounds and the National Park grounds located in Oregon, initiate a search on the Internet for State and National Park directories. These directories should also provide simple and easy instructions on making reservations.


In 1967, the state of Oregon dedicated huge amounts of land to the State and National park systems in order to make sure it was preserved for future generations. Because so much of the Oregon Coast in particular is designated as State or Nationally protected land, camping in Oregon offers the unique experience of camping directly on the beach. Not all beaches allow sand camping, so check the listings online of beaches that do allow coastal camping before you make your reservations. Camping on the beach offers you the relaxing experience of falling asleep to the rhythm of the ocean surf. Different types of beach camping are available, ranging from tent camping to cabin camping to RV camping. The costs of beach camping vary depending on the type of camping and the amenities offered. While most of the Oregon coast beaches offer free access to its waterfront, many privately owned and managed Oregon campsites do not offer free camping. Oregon beach campgrounds have limited amounts of space available, so make your reservations early to ensure you get the perfect Oregon campsite.


The Oregon coast is dotted with RV campgrounds. As more people are traveling across the country in RVs, more RV campgrounds are popping up. RV parks can be a little more expensive than traditional tent or cabin style camping, but can make up for the extra cost by offering a multitude of amenities. Before you choose an RV park, decide on what kind of amenities you need to make your Oregon camping experience the very best that it can be. Different types of RV campgrounds in Oregon offer different types of amenities. Some campgrounds may offer options such as water hookups, laundry facilities, convenient parking, boat storage and parking, showers, and many other types of options. Most of the available options can be easily found by searching on the Internet. RV campgrounds in Oregon often fill up pretty quickly, so making reservations well in advance is advisable.

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