Looking For Marmot Camping Gear?

If you are looking for Superior Camping gears then you must look at the Marmot Camping gear brand. Known and respected throughout the camping community you can be sure to have access to the right gear for any condition or season.

Marmot camping Gear offers a wide range of products:

-Mountain Climbing
-And more

Whatever outdoor activities you like you can be sure to find the right equipment with them. Their whole line of clothing is designed to keep you warm, dry and comfortable. From outerwear to accessories, they have it all.

Marmot Tents

Experience campers know they can rely on Marmot camping gears for their tent needs. From severe weather, heavy rain, snow or any other critical weather condition, Marmot tents are built for superior protection. One point worth mentioning about their tent is the poles; they are known to be effective, durable and can be repaired.

On top of that you get to have deluxe ventilation system, which is important to keep the moisture out. This alone can be responsible for your comfort during your camping trip. The boot is also sold separately, but if you find yourself needing one, be aware that they are reasonably priced and are well worth the investment to keep your tent as water tight as possible.

In short you can trust Marmot Camping gears to provide you with tents that are light weight, easy to store, comfortable, reliable and even attractive to look at. The material use in the creation of the poles makes them light weight allowing most of their tents to weigh less than 10 pounds, which is a good point for hikers.

Marmot Sleeping Bags

Almost every experience campers, hikers or any other outdoor junkie knows and trust Marmot Camping gear for their sleeping bags needs. Marmot sleeping bags offers campers and the like a wide variety of choices: From regular size to long one they are rated for the most extreme temperature. They usually go from around 40 degrees to well below the freezing point.

The special thing about Marmot is that the almost exclusively offers the mummy style sleeping bags. They are:

-lighter weight
-super compact
-offered in custom size
-offers a superior padding

Just make sure to double check the temperature rating of the bag you intend to buy to make sure it fits best the temperature you will be using it in.

When you purchase a Marmot sleeping bag it will usually come with a special bag that will shrink it to the size of a football in some cases. This make’s it pretty easy to pack and to carry. On top of that you have the choice of natural fiber filling, synthetic fiber filling or even a mix of both depending on your needs.

In the end you should know that Marmot camping gear is synonym of quality in the world campers, hikers and the like. For those who enjoy being outdoor or sleeping under the stars there are no other choice when you want comfort and reliability.

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