Black And Red And Strong All Over: The Swiss Army Luggage Line

The Swiss Army brand has a longstanding tradition of durability, function and discreet style, and Swiss Army luggage is no exception. The distinctive reds and blacks of Swiss Army luggage keeps the traveler looking professional, put together, and well prepared. Swiss Army luggage is also versatile in style and size. From campus totes to Euro-trip rolling duffels, Swiss Army luggage has you packed and ready!

Starting Small

Begin to build your family of Swiss Army luggage with their sophisticated line of backpacks and briefcases! What’s even better, Swiss Army luggage builds convenient backpack straps into just about everything, making it easy to run through crowds to catch your train!

Perfect for the well traveled (or even the on-the-go skirts and suits), the ‘Architecture 2.0 Big Ben’ backpack is equipped with a protected laptop pocket for up to a 15′ computer and carefully constructed from high performance ballistic nylon, stylized with leather grain accents.’ If a more traditional briefcase is appropriate, Swiss Army luggage has perfected the durable, rugged business tote in classic Swiss Army charm with the ‘Architecture 2.0 Wainwright Attach’ Brief.’ Specifications are the same as the backpack, but this briefcase will certainly make anyone in the boardroom a bit jealous!

With Swiss Army luggage, your business travel needs have emerged from the style of the dark ages to a modern, sleek and functional build that will outlast rain, snow, subways and everyday abuse!

Moving Up

Swiss Army luggage has applied the company’s philosophy of long-lasting, practical gear to every size of travel tote.’ Whatever your luggage style preference is for traveling, Swiss Army luggage has the bag for you!

Double your distance with duffels! Swiss Army luggage rolling duffle bags are an efficient way to pack your gear and get from here to there ‘ and will last you a lifetime. The ‘Werks Traveler 3.0 WT Wheeled Boarding Duffle’ is the ultimate traveler. Now in emerald, red, sapphire, or black, this 20′ heavy duty duffle comes with 360′ swivel handle with Geluxe’ comfort grip, inline skate wheels, and rear plastic skid plate, and is the perfect size for long weekends and overseas journeys.

For even longer journeys and heftier loads, Swiss Army luggage has graced globetrotters with the ‘Mobilizer NXT 3.0 Collection 30′ Expandable Wheeled Upright.’ New frame technology from Swiss Army luggage has reduced the weight of this upright by 10% without sacrificing durability. What does that mean? You get to back that second pair of boots without worrying about luggage weight limits! But what we love the most is the expandable feature.’ An extra 2.5 inches of packing space unzips from the main compartment. Pack your items in the expanded suitcase, then zip it down to compress it into a smaller size without sacrificing the luggage space!

Forward March!

Swiss Army luggage may come from a long line of tradition, but the Swiss Army brand today stands for modern, practical, durable and fashionable.’ Swiss Army luggage has revolutionized the style of durable luggage into sophisticated and sleek designs using top quality materials. This is most certainly not your parents’ luggage!

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