Holiday Parks – A Great Option

A holiday park is an ideal option for a family friendly accommodation. Holiday parks have been around for many years and are an extremely popular option for just about everyone. The great thing about holiday parks is that they are located on spectacular spots that have scenic views and lots of attractions to see. Also, good holiday parks will include several activities and facilities on site for travellers.

Where are Holiday Parks situated in UK?
Holiday parks are located all across the UK, in convenient locations that are suitable stopping points for camping groups, caravans, RVs, and so on. They are usually located next to the coast – so the beach is usually a stone’s throw away. This expands the number of activities – from swimming, surfing and going for walks on the beach. Common holiday park sites in UK include Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset, Sussex and Kent, Norfolk and Essex, South and North Wales, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, Blackpool and the lakes, Northumberland and Scotland.

What are the perks of staying in a Holiday Park?
Staying at a holiday park in UK is extremely affordable and very eco friendly too. Whether you stay in a private unit, a lodge, or the campsites, the prices are very reasonable and suited for all types of travellers and budgets. It is much cheaper to stay here than at expensive hotels. Also, there is much more flexibility here – you can do whatever you want to do, like eating at any time of the day. What is also unique about these holidays is the fact that dogs are allowed in certain parks. This way, you can also bring your dog along on your family holiday. Also, there are special mobility needs for those in wheelchairs in certain parks. Facilities such as bars and restaurants are also either on site or within walking distance.

What activities are available at a Holiday Park?
What makes a holiday park so special is the constant activity and things to do. Staying at a hotel is quite boring, especially for kids. A holiday park is full of exciting things for kids to do, as well as things for parents, so there is something for all to enjoy here. The park itself usually offers free facilities such as entertainment options, indoor or outdoor swimming pools and a playground for kids. There are many theme and tribute nights, water activities, sports activities, family shows, bands and cabarets, and competitions and games to keep the adults entertained as well.

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