Planning A Love Bird Theme Wedding

Love birds are symbols of affection, love, and commitment, what a great theme for a wedding. To begin planning your love bird fest, first consider your location. An outside wedding would work wonderfully with this theme. Parks are wonderful as they fit in with the outdoor feel. If you decide to pursue an outdoor event, always have a back up plan in case there is inclement weather. This may be as simple as having tents reserved, or you may want to have an indoor location secure for the event.

The next thing to consider would be your invitations and color scheme. There are several beautiful love bird themed invitations and thank you cards that match almost every color palette. When deciding on the colors for your ceremony, almost any color will work with a love bird theme, however natural colors are beautiful. Greens, browns, gold tones, and blues carry out the nature feel of a love bird wedding. If you are choosing to go with a more contemporary love bird theme, you may want something a little bolder, or something as simple as the classic white.

Decorations are next on the checklist for your wedding. These can be as creative as you are willing to go. You can incorporate birds’ nests into your décor, artificial of course, if you really want a unique look. This can even be carried over into the reception by using small branches with bird nests as the center pieces for your tables. If you want decorations that are a little more traditional, ivy and green plants work wonderfully. You can also incorporate some flowers as well. Another great decoration for your wedding and reception alike are to have several bird figurines around, and you may want to consider adding a few bird houses in as well. You can find them in most any color. There is also the option of having real birds, in beautiful cages, at the reception. Place card holders for the reception are also a great way to tie in your theme. There are several bird nest place card holders available. You can even get creative with the flower girls basket and the ring barer pillow. The possibilities are endless.

Favors are another big part of any wedding. There are several neat items available for a love bird themed wedding. You could go with something like love nest soaps, which are small egg shaped soaps that are contained in an artificial birds nest. If you want something a little more traditional why not go with love bird salt and pepper shakers. Mints are a great option as well, they are available in several flavors, and you can get the mint tin customized with your wedding date and theme.

Love bird wedding themes can be such fun to plan. Details are the key with this type of wedding, so look for anywhere that you can add something unique and special. Always remember with this theme or any other theme, your wedding day is your special day, so be sure to follow your heart.

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