Summer Skiing

If you missed out on a skiing holiday over the Christmas period then you might be anxious to catch up on your lost hours on the piste. The arrival of summer by no means rules out the possibility of a skiing holiday, it might just mean that you have to look a little harder or travel a little further afield to find some great snow. There are also plenty of perks to choosing to take your break on the pistes throughout the summer holiday period instead of the winter months.

If you’re interested in catching up on your time in the snow, though, the summer could be the perfect time to go. Missing the masses of tourists on the slopes over the winter period can be a definite advantage to travelling in the summer. You’ll find yourself taking advantage of the full slope, undeterred by other skiers. However, your enthusiasm for this kind of quiet skiing holiday very much depends on what you expect to get out of your break.

It might be the aprs ski culture that entices you to the slopes in the first place. In this case, you probably would be disappointed by the relative peace and quiet found in most ski resorts over the summer. However, if you want to make the most of the staggeringly beautiful scenery around you and benefit from the tranquillity of the mountains then off peak skiing could be right for you.

There are a plethora of possible places for summer skiing too. Hintertux in Austria boasts incredible skiing facilities all year long. Reaching 2660m in altitude, the Hintertux glacier offers some of the most awe inspiring summer skiing scenery and a range of tough slopes for you to tackle, on or off piste. Furthermore, there are a multitude of other activities available too, from mountain trekking to parascending to enjoying a spa massage and Jacuzzi.

If great snow and top quality slopes are the most important factor in your summertime skiing holiday then you should take a look at Alpe D’Huez in France. There are comprehensive sites to provide a multitude of information about available activities to their relative resort. The glacier stays snow covered all year round so skiing for thrill seekers is always an option.

Alpe D’Huez offers exhilarating opportunities to have a go at parascending, mountain biking, rock climbing and even bungee jumping, to name but a few of the many possibilities, so if it’s spills and thrills you’re after this is almost certainly your ideal summer skiing destination.

Another option could be La Plagne, France. Its glacier provides plenty of brilliant skiing as well as a range of other activities to keep you amused, from tennis courts to grass skiing, so you can be sure that that there is something there for all ages and tastes.

Skiing out of season will also mean that your travel insurance is likely to be cheaper. For some of the best deals check out online operators, or use online comparison websites to source out the best offers on skiing insurance this summer.

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