All You Needed To Know About Travel Insurance India

Travel Insurance India is becoming popular day by day. The companies which provide health, medical, and student insurance also provide this insurance. A visitor’s insurance covers the insured person’s possibilities while traveling overseas. These possibilities include meeting with an accident, loss of checked baggage, medical expenses, and repatriation, and loss of passport. The insurance companies strive to provide quality services at affordable prices due to increased competition. This insurance is a must have for anybody travelling abroad. For instance, a student going to pursue a course overseas must have a student medical insurance policy. This policy protects the interests of a student and saves him from needless financial worries.

Why Should I Buy It?

These days people travel abroad quite frequently for work, for holiday, and to meet relatives. Traveling abroad should be exciting and not a harrowing experience. This is the reason overseas medical insurance India is gaining huge popularity. This insurance relieves your stress if you have to face an emergency abroad. A secured insurance helps you face medical and financial emergencies abroad. You would not have to dig a hole in your pocket if you have visitor insurance. You can also find companies which cover cashless hospitalization in their travel insurance policy. Buying insurance from your own country is cheaper. Also, it is compulsory to carry insurance for visiting some countries.

What Is In It For Me (WIFM)?

Usually, India travel insurance will cover medical costs, dental treatment, personal accident and liability costs, cancer screening, passport and baggage loss, hijacking, mammography, trip cancellation charges, and repatriation of returns. It may also cover funeral expenses incurred abroad, disablement benefit, legal assistance, delayed departure, curtailment, and cancellation. Travel Insurance India may also cover pre-existing medical conditions and convalescence after hospitalization. It covers student travel, leisure and adventure travel, business, and international travel. All the medical bills are paid in foreign currency. This insurance may also include accidental death benefit coverage. This insurance is usually applicable for people between 6 months and 70 years and covers up to 180 days of travel.


Choose a policy which lets you make last minute extensions to your policy. Select a policy where extension is possible online. Students can choose two-year policies when they buy insurance to be on the safe side. When buying Travel Insurance India, choose a policy based on the country you are leaving for and your requirements for travel. Most insurance companies provide relevant information like what the policy covers and how much does it cost on their websites. Choose a policy based on need and budget. Check for discounts and added cover.

Travel Insurance India policy can be easily bought online. Compare insurance plans online to buy and print them easily. Comparing plans can help a person save up to 25 percent. Comparison tools are also available on the web. Quote a price and see companies vying to give you insurance. Take the assistance of chat or email to communicate with insurance agents on the web. This insurance is not included in any tour package. A person will have to buy it himself. It should be bought at the time of booking a trip to cover the accurate duration. It can be bought from travel insurance companies, travel suppliers, or travel agents.

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