All About Travel Consolidators

Looking for bargain airfare for your trip? If so, a travel consolidator can help.

What is a Travel Consolidator?

Travel consolidators are businesses that purchase tickets in bulk directly from the airlines. Since travel consolidators buy tickets in such large quantities, they often receive a significant discount on the ticket price, making consolidators one of the best sources for bargain travel deals and airfare rates that are cheaper than the lowest-published fares. Some consolidators have direct airline representation and have the authority to act as a general sales agent for the airline itself. However, not all travel consolidators have such authority. Some simply distribute their discounted fares via travel agents and travel web sites where they’re made available to the public.

However, these bargain travel deals aren’t always as easy to find as one would hope.

Where to Find Travel Consolidators and Bargain Travel Deals

The Internet is a great place to start your search for travel consolidators and bargain travel deals. Remember, not all consolidators sell direct to the consumer. Many sell to online travel services that specialize in discount flights and travel deals. So, the best way to find these sometimes hidden bargain travel deals is to hit the online travel sites. Most travel-related websites that offer discounted rates on airfare work with travel consolidators to gain access to these amazing bargain travel deals, in addition to utilizing other airfare wholesalers and airfare search engine technologies. All it takes is a quick search on the web and you’ll find thousands of online travel web sites offering amazing savings and bargain travel deals for your trip.

Another way to find travel consolidator deals is to call a few travel agencies. Through their network of airlines, travel consolidators, and other travel-related contacts and connections, a travel agency can often find you amazing deals on flights and other travel accommodations around the world.

Online travel sites and travel agencies are both viable sources for finding bargain travel deals. Travel agents and agencies tend to provide more personalized service than online travel sites; however, you often end up paying more in the end when you use an agency. That’s because most agencies add service charges and other fees since they do all the leg work for you. Regardless of which service you chose to use, you should have no problem finding a great deal on airfare for your trip.

Benefits for the Bargain Traveler

Using travel services that partner with travel consolidators can save you time and money, as well as spare you the hassle of hunting down the most economical airfare. Consolidator fares include gross airfares, sectors fares, nett airfares (fares that cannot be discounted further), and more. Whether you’re a student, business, or family traveler, consulting a travel consolidator or service that partners with one can help free up your budget for more important things like souvenirs, shopping or car rentals.

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