How To Choose The Right Vacation Destination

Choosing the right holiday destination, can make the difference between having a good time and having a great vacation. It all comes down to knowing what you like, what those accompanying you like and doing your research before booking. I’m sure (like myself); you have looked at pictures in travel brochures depicting sun-drenched beaches met by beautiful glistening clear blue seas and cloudless skies. Picturesque indeed! Such a place may still be beautiful even if you like riding of-road motor cycles through rough terrain, way off the well beaten track, but for how long? How long will it be before your longing to feel the scraping of branches across your arms as you skid beneath overhanging branches kicking up clouds of dust from the dry track, gets the better of you and you start verbalising your frustration “Oh no, not another beautiful beach!”

Countries, areas, places are often frequented for quite specific reasons. It’s not uncommon for a location to be visited by totally different types of people at specific times of the year. Nature lovers my like to visit a place in spring when the plants begin to bud and migratory birds return to begin constructing and feathering new nests and the air is filled with the excitement and optimism that this special season garners so ceremoniously. The same location may a haven for the ski slope worshipers who flock there en-mass in winter to satisfy their desire to feel the crunching of freshly fallen snow beneath there polished skis and to hear the sound of a cool wind whizzing past their darkened visors. Also, I am told that part of the appeal of this pursuit, is experiencing the camaraderie of being a part of select community of similarly impassioned enthusiasts.

Fast forward to mid summer and the same location is teaming with all manner of adventurous thrill seeker. You may wish to sign up for a day of rock climbing or hand gliding. Maybe it’s the perfect day for a hot air balloon ride so one can fully grasp magnitude of the landscape in a way that you couldn’t do by land. Or what about a SCUBA dive to capture the true natural beauty of a coral reef or a swim with dolphins. But what if all you want to do is relax in peaceful surroundings, perhaps in a place of serene unadulterated natural, beauty where you can marvel with like-minded people. Or you might have an interest in architecture and wish to visit places of historical importance or travel to an ancient ruin, where you can attempt to experience the lifestyle of a past civilisation.

Having selfishly considered your likes and dislikes, let throw some children into the equation. Is your idyllic location child friendly? Are there activities available to keep them occupied and entertained (after all it’s their holiday too), is there a crèche and play area for very small children, and are there localised facilities for feeding and changing babies.

You see, when planning your holiday, there are many factors to decide upon. However, in the information age that we all now inhabit, finding information on an intended destination is not difficult. Most large establishments will have a website or some form of information available online. You can always email any questions you may have regarding aspects of accommodation food hotel facilities etc and request promotional brochures. You can research the area online for historical, geographic and demographic information. Often you will find reports and reviews on specific regions. If you’re planning to participate in many activities, then it may prove prudent to choose a location where there is an abundance of such activities. That way the presence of much competition, may help to keep prices down or even give you some bargaining power. Make sure that everyone has their say in the final choice to insure that all requirements are met (or at least to some extent) so that you all have something to look forward to. But most of all make sure you have some fun and be sure to factor in some rest time, or you may return from your vacation in desperate need of a vacation…

The main point is; don’t leave the success of your annual break to chance. Grab the reigns and make it successful by design.

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